Crow Canyon Field Study Trip


Open only to Lab School students currently in Grades 5-7. The week-long introduction to the study of the human past is filled with exciting opportunities to discover the cultural history, geography, and archaeology of the Four Corners area of the American Southwest.

Trip dates: June 16-22, 2019
Trip cost: $2,300
Application due: February 1, 2019


Studies will cover the fascinating history of the ancient Pueblo Indians (the Anasazi) who lived in the Mesa Verde region. You will help our team of professional archaeologists at a working excavation site, and learn to sort and identify artifacts in the Crow Canyon research laboratory.   

At Crow Canyon’s pithouse and pueblo learning centers, you can try your hand at spear-throwing with an atlatl, making a fire without matches, and playing traditional Native American games. The amazing skills and life ways of the people who inhabited the Mesa Verde region 700 to 2,500 years ago will amuse and amaze. The week is traditionally topped off with a special all-day tour of nearby Mesa Verde National Park, a World Heritage site.

Download program flyer for more information.

Questions? Email Nancy Kubel.


FEBRUARY 1, 2019

Applications must be signed by a parent or guardian before it is turned in.

Each application must include two recommendations, one of which must be from a current teacher.

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