Summer Link

A program that places qualified U-High students in paid summer internships with University of Chicago professors and institutes, Chicago businesses, and local organizations

Internships are available through different Summer Link channels:

  • Science Summer Link
  • Business, Social Sciences, and Humanities Summer Link
  • Internship for Civic Engagement

Through each Summer Link program, students get a glimpse of real-world activities and have hands-on experiences not normally available to high school students. Each of the three Summer Link programs has its own application process.

Applications become available at the start of the calendar year.

Past placements include:
  • Professors in business, economics, law, and public policy
  • Institutions such as the University Press, the Logan Center for the Arts, Civic Knowledge Project, and the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab,
  • Private business employers such as Nuveen, Morningstar, Hyde Park Bank, and Allston Trading, and organizations such as the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.
  • Chemistry Professor and Director, Materials Research Science and Engineering Center Ka Yee C. Lee
  • Janet D. Rowley, M.D., the Blum-Reise Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Medicine