High School

Get Involved!

U-High students can get involved in various community engagement experiences:

  • Volunteer at one of our community partner organizations
  • Participate in service learning experiences offered by teachers
  • Sign up for group service opportunities offered on weekends and after school
  • Collaborate with community organizations for May Project

Sophomore Year of Service

Students’ sophomore year is uniquely dedicated to service, and successful completion of the program is a graduation requirement. Students who transfer to U-High after their sophomore year are asked to meet with the Service Learning Coordinator to determine a service plan.

At the beginning of their sophomore year, students will select a community organization where they commit to 30 hours of service over the course of the year. Students can select from an approved list of partner organizations or propose a new service site to the Service Learning coordinator. All service forms must be approved before a student can start his or her service. With the guidance of the Service Learning coordinator, students will be responsible for coordinating a service schedule that works for both the student and the organization.

Students in the Service Learning program are required to:

  • Participate in reflection discussions through advisory
  • Turn in a signed time sheet at the end of each quarter
  • Complete a written reflection in the middle of their service
  • Complete a reflection project following the second part of their service