Middle School

Students entering the Middle School years (sixth, seventh, and eighth grades) begin an exciting period of intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.

Middle School - Child Gardening

Children entering the Middle School years begin an intense period of intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and moral growth. Lab’s Middle School teachers are actively interested in students at this developmental stage, and they create a program that balances independence and challenge with the support Middle Schoolers need.

Each week, a Middle School student will connect with almost a dozen teachers specializing in different areas, each with unique interests and styles. Strong teacher/student relationships give students the confidence to discuss, question, and debate. This confidence translates into creative, expressive, vocal intellects and serves as the foundation for high school. Because students are becoming more independent, in eighth grade, Lab introduces the opportunity for kids to select arts and other elective courses.

A Lab tradition of overnight trips (at no additional cost to families) begins with the sixth- and seventh-grade camping trips and the eighth-grade travels to Washington, DC—a culmination of their humanities curriculum. Interscholastic sports (the Middle School fields teams in six sports) and many clubs are important parts of Middle School life.

Download the MS Program of Studies here.

The Middle School Student Experience