Library Policies

Lim Family Library Policies

Number of books borrowed:
Kindergarten/First Grade: 1
Second Grade: 2

The loan period is two weeks. Books can be renewed unless another student has placed a hold request on the title. There are no fines for late returns; however, parents are charged for lost or damaged books.

It is an important principle of the library that children feel it is their space. The librarians offer guidance, but at the same time we encourage children to feel comfortable exploring the library and confident in making their own choices. For this reason, although parents are welcome to come to the library with children to choose books together, we do not allow parents to take out books for their children.

Occasionally, parents come to the library looking for a quiet place to work for an hour or two while waiting to pick up children from school or before participating in classroom activities. While the library is not an appropriate place for parents to work on a regular basis, we will do our best to accommodate such occasional requests. We ask parents to abide by our rules prohibiting eating, drinking, and cell phone use (texting is okay), and to keep in mind that we may ask them to relocate to a different part of the library if necessary.