Sutherland Award Winners


Call NuMBer Title Author Illustrator Winning Category
E MAR    Alma and How She Got Her Name Juana Martinez-Neal   


Juana Martinez-Neal  
E ALM The Dam David Almond  



Levi Pinfold


B GERMAIN Nothing Stopped Sophie Cheryl Bardoe 



Barbara McClintock



Best Text
E FAN Ocean Meets Sky Terry and Eric Fan



Terry and Eric Fan



Best Illustration
Best Overall
E CLA The Patchwork Bike

Maxine Beneba Clarke

Van Thanh Rudd





Call NuMBer Title Author Illustrator Winning Category
E JEN  A Greyhound, a Groundhog Emily Jenkins 


Chris Applehans Best Text
E MCD The Little Red Cat Who Ran Away and Learned his A-B-C's (the Hard Way) Patrick McDonnell 



Patrick McDonnell


B MORGANFIELD Muddy: the Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters Michael James Mahin



Turk Evan



E SCH The Town is By the Sea Joanne Schwartz



Sydney Smith



Best Illustration
E HADID The World is Not a Rectangle: A Portrait of Architect Zaha Hadid

Jeanette Winter

Jeanette Winter



Best Overall


Call NuMBerTitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
E ELLDu Iz TakEllis, Carson

Ellis, Carson
E FANThe Night GardenerFan, Terry and Fan, Eric

Fan, Terry and Fan, Eric

Best Overall
E GIACoyote MoonGianferrari, Maria

Ibatoulline, Bagram

Best Illustrations
E JEFA Child of BooksJeffers, Oliver

Winston, Sam

Best Text
E SANAre We There Yet?

Santat, Dan

Santat, Dan


Call NumberTitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
B AndrewsTrombone ShortyAndrews, Troy "Trombone Shorty"

Collier, BryanBest Text
E DEKRedDe Kinder, Jan (translated by Laura Watkinson

De Kinder, Jan

E FERI Don't Like KoalaFerrell, Stephen

Santoso, Charles

E KEUBeyond The PondKuefler, Joseph

Kuefler, Joseph

Best Overall
E LAWSidewalk Flowers

Lawson, JonArno

Lawson, JonArno

Best Illustrations


TITLEAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
Sam and Dave Dig a HoleBarnett, MarcKlassen, Jon
Elizabeth Queen of the SeasCox, LynneFloca, BrianBest Text
Dolan, ElysDolan, ElysBest Overall
Whispering TownElvgren, Jennifer

Santomauro, Fabio

Rules of SummerTan, ShaunTan, ShaunBest Illustrations


TitleAuthorIllustratorWining Category
JourneyBecker, AaronBecker, Aaron
Best Illustrations
Mr. Tiger Goes WildBrown, PeterBrown, Peter
The King of Little ThingsLepp, BillWenzel, David T.Best Overall
Best Text
Hello, My Name is RubyStead, Philip ChristianStead, Philip Christian

The Man With the ViolinStinson, Kathy (postscript by Bell, Joshua)Petričić, Dušan


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
Extra YarnBarnett, MarcKlassen, JonBest Overall
Virginia WolfMaclear, KyoArsenault, Isabelle
Life in the Ocean: The Story of SylviaNivola, Claire A.Nivola, Claire A.

Best Text
GreenSeeger, Laura VaccaroSeeger, Laura Vaccaro

Best Illustrations
Bear Has a Story to Tell

Stead, Philip Christian

Stead, Erin E.


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
A Place to Call HomeDeacon, AlexisSchwarz, VivianeBest Overall
Best Text
I Want My Hat BackKlassen, JonKlassen, Jon
Me...JaneMcDonnel, PatrickMcDonnel, Patrick

Grandpa GreenSmith, LaneSmith, Lane

Best Illustrations
Ten BirdsYoung, Cybéle

Young, Cybéle


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
Oh No! or, How My Science Project Destroyed the WorldBarnett, MarcSantat, Dan
Me and You

Browne, Anthony

Browne, Anthony

Clever Jack Takes the CakeFleming, CandaceKaras, G. BrianBest Text
Cat's Night OutStutson, CarolineKlassen, Jon
Art & MaxWiesner, DavidWiesner, David

Best Overall
Best Illustrations


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
Big Wolf and Little WolfBrun-Cosme, Nadine (translated by Claudia Bedrick)

Tallec, OlivierBest Text
The Goblin and the Empty ChairFox, MemDillon, Leo and Diane
Jeremy Draws a MonsterMcCarthy, PeterMcCarthy, Peter
Waiting for Winter

Meschenmoser, Sebastian

Meschenmoser, Sebastian

Best Illustrations
A Penguin StoryPortis, AntoinettePortis, Antoinette

Best Overall


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever

Frazee, MariaFrazee, Maria

Best Overall
Best Text
HogwashGeisert, Arthur

Geisert, Arthur

Best Illustrations
Way Up and Over EverythingMcGill, AliceDaly, Jude
Wabi SabiReibstein, MarkYoung, Ed
Sandy’s Circus: A Story about Alexander Calder

Stone, Tanya LeeKulikov, Boris


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
The TinderboxAnderson, Hans Christian (retold by Stephen Mitchell)

Ibatoulline, Bagram

Best Overall
Best Text
Best Illustrations
Fiona's LuckBateman, TeresaMurphy, Kelly
Fred Stays With MeCoffelt, NancyTulsa, Tricia
Sky SweeperGershator, PhillisMeade, Holly
Wind FlyersJohnson, AngelaLong, Loren


TitleAuthorIllustratorwinning Category
WolvesGravett, EmilyGravett, Emily

John, Paul, George & BenSmith, LaneSmith, LaneBest Overall
Best Text
Probuditi!Van Allsburg, ChrisVan Allsburg, Chris
Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom

Weatherford, Carole Boston

Nelson, Kadir
FlotsamWiesner, DavidWiesner, David

Best Illustrations


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
The Serpent Came to GloucesterAnderson, M.T.Ibatoulline, Bagram

Best Illustrations
Captain Arsenio: Inventions and (Mis)adventures in Flight

Bernasconi, Pablo

Bernasconi, Pablo

Best Overall
Best Text

Traction Man is Here!

Grey, MiniGrey, Mini
Leonardo the Terrible MonsterWillems, MoWillems, Mo
Show WayWoodson, JacquelineTalbott, Hudson


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
The Wishing of Biddy MaloneCowley, JoyDenise, Christopher
Sidewalk CircusFleischman, PaulHawkes, Kevin
ArrowhawkSchaefer, Lola M.Swiatkowska, Gabi (Gabriela)

Best Overall
Best Text
Best Illustrations
Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary TaleWillems, MoWillems, Mo
The Big Ugly Monster and the Little Stone Rabbit

Wormell, ChristopherWormell, Christopher


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
Stanley's PartyBailey, LindaSlavin, BillBest Overall
The Faerie's GiftBatt, Tanya RobynCeccoli, NicolettaBest Text
The Bachelor and the BeanFowles, ShelleyFowles, Shelley

Snow MusicPerkins, Lynne RaePerkins, Lynne Rae

Best Illustrations
My Name Is YoonRecorvits, HelenSwiatkowska, Gabi


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
Slow LorisDeacon, AlexisDeacon, Alexis

King & KingDe Haan, Linda and Nijland, Stern

De Haan, Linda and Nijland, Stern

The Color of HomeHoffman, MaryLittlewood, KarinBest Illustrations
The Spider and the FlyHowitt, MaryDiTerlizzi, TonyBest Overall
AngeloMacauley, DavidMacauley, David

Best Text


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
Lookin' for Bird in the Big CityBurleigh, RobertLos, MarekBest Illustrations
TedDiTerlizzi, TonyDiTerlizzi, Tony

Best Overall
The Other DogL'Engle, MadelineDavenier, ChristineBest Text
Clever Beatrice: an Upper Peninsula Conte

Willey, MargaretSolomon, Heather
The Day Ocean Came to Visit

Wolkstein, DianeJohnson, Steve and Fancher, Lou


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
The Hunter: A Chinese FolktaleCasanova, MaryYoung, EdBest Text
The Disappearing IslandDemas, CorinneLewin, TedBest Illustrations
OliviaFalconer, IanFalconer, Ian

Hog MusicHelldorfer, Mary ClaireSchindler, S.D.

Gershon’s Monster: A Story for the Jewish New Year

Kimmel, Eric (retold by)Muth, Jon J.Best Overall


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
Pierre's DreamArmstrong, JenniferGaber, SusanBest Illustrations
The Cello of Mr. OCutller, JaneCouch, GregBest Overall
Best Text
Tiny and BigmanGershator, PhillisCravath, Lynne
Come On, Rain!Hesse, KarenMuth, Jon J.
Shadow StoryWillard, NancyDiaz, David


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
Ouch!Babbit, NatalieMarcellino, FredBest Overall
Best Text
The Crane WifeBodkin, Odds (retold by)

Spirin, Gennady
Voices in the ParkBrowne, AnthonyBrowne, AnthonyBest Illustrations
Lucy DoveDel Negro, JaniceGore, Leonid
SnowShulevitz, UriShulevitz, Uri

We Had a Picnic This Sunday PastWoodson, JacquelineGreenseid, Diane


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
Mr. Semolina-Semolinus: A Greek Folktale

Manna, Anthony and Mitakidou, Christodoula (retold by)

Potter, GiselleBest Text
The Adventures of SparrowboyPinkney, BrianPinkney, Brian

Mouse MessRiley, LinneaBest Overall
The GardenerStewart, Sarah
RapunzelGrimm, Jacob and Wilhelm (retold by Paul O. Zelinsky)

Zelinsky, Paul O.Best Illustrations


Titleauthorillustratorwinning category
GooseBang, MollyBang, Molly
Lilly's Purple Plastic PurseHenkes, KevinHenkes, Kevin

Best Text
The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs

Joyce, WilliamJoyce, William

Best Overall
Best Illustrations
Sam and the Tigers: A New Telling of Little Black Sambo

Lester, JuliusPinkney, Jerry
The Spider Who Created The WorldMacDonald, AmyKaras, G. Brian


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
The PainterCatalanotto, PeterCatalanotto, Peter

Zin! Zin! Zin! : A ViolinMoss, LloydPriceman, Marjorie
Chickens! Chickens!Porte, Barbara AnnHenry, Greg
Math CurseScieszka, JonSmith, LaneBest Overall
Best Text
Lost MooseSlepian, JanLewin, TedBest Illustrations
Chato's KitchenSoto, GaryGuevara, Susan


TitleAuthorIllustratorWinning Category
Luka's QuiltGuback, GeorgiaGuback, Georgia

The Rabbit's JudgmentHan, Suzanne CrowderHeo, Yumi
Swamp AngelIsaacs, AnneZelinsky, Paul O.
The Tale of Rabbit and CoyoteJohnston, Tonyde Paola, Tomie
IblisOppenheimer, Shulamith Levey

Young, EdBest Illustrations
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the WorldPricemand, MarjoriePriceman, MarjorieBest Overall
Best Text
Only Opal: The Diary of a Young GirlWhitely, Opal (selected by Jane Boulton)

Cooney, Barbara