Learning and Counseling

Lab recognizes and values that students learn in diverse ways. The Learning and Counseling team works with teachers to help Lab get to know your child.

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We work with students to help them reach to their greatest potential and to contribute to our learning community. We aid parents, teachers, and administrators in understanding the academic, developmental, and social/emotional dynamics impacting Lab children and families.

In partnership with faculty and administrators, the Learning and Counseling team provides a continuum of services that help students with all learning styles and needs, maximizing their potential while making curriculum accessible and enriching the school experience for all students. The Learning and Counseling team serves the Lab community by:

  • Working closely with individual and small groups of students, both inside and outside of classrooms, to help strengthen areas of learning challenge
  • Collaborating with teachers to support the academic and social/emotional needs of students
  • Promoting the health and wellness of students through in-class lessons, individual and small group meetings, and parent and student workshops
  • Partnering with parents, teachers, and outside specialists to support student development and success

Who should you contact?

The Learning and Counseling team provides a variety of services to meet the needs of our students and families.


Learning and Counseling Team Members

Director of Student Services: Nicole D. Neal

Assistant Director of Student Services: Andrew Miller

Early Childhood

  • Learning Coordinator:
    Foley Burckardt
  • Academic Specialists:
    Karen Andersen, Susan Olander, Siesan Reich, Lydia Friedman-Siddique
  • Counselors: Cristina Alvarado, Anna Dietz, Lauren Snelling, Kate Surmeier, Maria Torres

Lower School

  • Learning Coordinator: Terri Nitahara
  • Academic Specialists: Mandy Bunte, Keren Faling, Nicole Ruelas,    Teresa Serangeli
  • Counselors: Mariaelena Lozano, Melissa Steger, Christine Sullivan

Middle School

  • Learning Coordinators: Meghan Gilbert, Maureen Schmidt
  • Counselors: Sylvia Aschliman, Matt Landa, Lyneth Torres
  • Accommodations Coordinator: Megan Hubbard

High School

  • Learning Coordinators: Laura Doto, Heavenly Hicks, Lesley Scott
  • Counselors: Camille Baughn-Cunningham, Aria Choi, Rachel Taylor-Cullimore, Tracy Santoro, Teddy Stripling
  • College Counselors: Stephan Golas, Patty Kovacs, Abby Wagner, Sharon Williams
  • Assessment Coordinator: Brittney Barrow
  • Accommodations Coordinator: Megan Hubbard