Writer's Center

What is the Writer’s Center?

The U-High Writers' Center is a valuable resource for all U-High students. The Center offers one-on-one assistance to students of all ages and abilities, from freshmen making the transition into high school curriculum to seniors seeking help on their college application essays.

We assist students with a variety of writing issues, giving them feedback on individual papers and helping them with any stage of the writing process, including developing and organizing ideas, composition, and revision. Students may bring in writing assignments from any subject area, including creative writing. Each year the Writers' Center works with more than half the U-High student body. Many of these students come in for help on a regular basis.

The Writers' Center staff does not write students' papers. Instead, we help students become more aware of their writing strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve not only particular assignments but also their overall writing skills.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You may sign up for an appointment up to one day in advance. Writer’s Center sessions are available during a student’s free period, open periods, lunch, and after school. The sign up sheet is posted on a bulletin board outside the Writer’s Center. During peak use times (i.e. the last couple weeks of a quarter) it is a good idea to sign up in advance. However, you are always welcome to drop in to the Center, and we will help you so long as there aren’t already students signed up.

Where is the Writer’s Center located?

The Writer’s Center is on the third floor of Judd Hall, room C307

When is the Writer’s Center open?

The Writer’s Center is open every day from 8:00 to 3:45.

Who works in the Writer’s Center?

The Writers' Center is staffed by

  • Michael Autrey, a graduate of the University of Chicago. He has been working in U-High’s Writer’s Center since 2014, and has also served as a long-term substitute teacher in the English department. He is working towards an MFA at the Bennington Writing Seminars. Michael is a published author of Our Fear, his first full length book, published by The Cultural Society in 2013.
  • Rachel Nielsen, a National Board certified English teacher, has been a member of U-High’s English department since 2010. Ms. Nielsen has experience teaching at each level of U-High’s English program.

With what types of writing can the Writer’s Center help?

We will help with any type of writing, from any of your classes. Students often bring in writing assignments from English, history, or science classes. We also help with college essays, writing for extra-curricular activities, applications or essays for summer internships, and even fiction or poetry you may enjoy writing on your own.

What do I need to know about the summer college essay-writing workshop?

Each year, in collaboration with U-High’s college counselors and the English department, the Writer’s Center hosts a college essay-writing workshop for rising seniors. The workshop is usually held in late August, and students spend three days working on their college essays under the guidance of English faculty. Information about the workshop is distributed to families in the spring of a student’s junior year, and registration for this free program happens by the end of that academic year.