Making the most of a Lab education means taking full advantage of all the extracurricular activities

Students at U-High choose from a wide variety of activities, clubs, special interest groups, and service/civic engagement organizations. We encourage them to become involved, explore their interests, and develop social and leadership skills. At the same time, we advise students to be selective; a genuine commitment to one or two activities is more rewarding than passive membership in several.

Interscholastic Athletics

U-High’s 30 interscholastic athletic teams are part of the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) and compete in the Independent Schools League (ISL), achieving great success. They do so with a “no-cut” policy that encourages student participation—nearly 65% of U-High students play on at least one team.

Club Sports

  • Ice Hockey – co-op with Latin School


U-High’s newspaper and yearbook programs are among the top in the nation and have sent many students into the world armed with impeccable communication skills whether they work in journalism or not. U-High’s photojournalism program contributes to both publications.

Theater and Music

The High School Fine Arts Department mounts three theater productions each year, including student-written plays, and the Music Department includes, among other offerings, orchestra, choir, band, and digital music composition. Students may also participate in the elite Jazz Ensemble or sing in Lab’s a cappella choir (Bel Canto). There are also opportunities to perform regularly in musical events and competitions.

Clubs and Co-curricular activities

Academic Teams/Interests

  • Biology Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • Chicago Youth Science Journal
  • Code@Lab
  • Debate
  • Ethics Bowl
  • F1 in Schools
  • InFlame History & Economics Magazine 
  • Launch
  • Linnaean Society
  • Ouroboros Literary Translation Club
  • Math Team
  • Medical Journalism Club
  • Mock Trial Team
  • Model United Nations (MUN) 
  • Neuroscience Club
  • Physics Club 
  • Robotics Club
  • Science Fair & Research
  • Science Team
  • Women in STEM (WiSTEM)

Artistic Groups

  • Arts Fest
  • Renaissance Art Board (Art magazine)
  • Renaissance Lit Board (Literature magazine)
  • U-High Theater Production Crew

Cultural Clubs/Affinity Groups

  • Asian Students’ Association (ASA)
  • Being Racially Aware & Valuing Ethnicity (BRAVE)
  • Black Students’ Association (BSA)
  • Eye to Eye (Students w/learning & attention issues)
  • Intersectional Feminism
  • Jewish Students’ Association (JSA)
  • Latinos Unidos
  • Multi-Ethnic Student Association (M.E.S.A.)
  • Muslim Students’ Association (MSA)
  • Social Justice Week Committee
  • Spectrum (LGBTQ)
  • Students with Disabilities Association
  • Young Life (Christian)
  • Young Men of Color
  • Young Women of Color

General Interest Clubs

  • Anime Club
  • Book Club
  • Center for Economic and Human Development (CEHD) Club
  • Diplomacy Club
  • E-Sports
  • Finance Club
  • Hellenic Club
  • HLAB - Library Advisory Board
  • Miyazaki Club
  • Philosophy Club
  • Polimedia
  • Students Against Scoliosis
  • The Rapsodes' Rhetoric
  • Thrift N' Vinyl
  • U-High Finance Club
  • WhyFI Matter$ U-High Club

Service/Civic Engagement Clubs

  • Civic Engagement Coalition
  • Clothe the World
  • Girl Up
  • Global Issues Club
  • Green Team
  • Outreach Tutor Club
  • Refugee Awareness Club
  • Save the Children Action Network (SCAN)
  • U-High Progressives
  • VaxE: Vaccines for Equity Club
  • Wildlife Conservation Club

Student Governance/Leadership

  • 10th Grade Mentors (via application process)
  • DEI Peer Facilitators (via application process)
  • Student Council (via election)
  • Peer Leaders (via application process)