Making the most of a Lab education means taking full advantage of all the extracurricular activities

U -Highers choose from a wide variety of activities, clubs, special interest groups, and service organizations. We encourage them to become involved, explore their interests, and develop social and leadership skills. At the same time, we advise students to be selective; a genuine commitment to one activity is more rewarding than passive membership in several.

Interscholastic Athletics and Club Sports

U-High’s 30 interscholastic athletic teams are part of the Illinois High School Association and compete in the Independent Schools League, achieving a fine level of success. They do so with a “no-cut” policy that encourages student participation—nearly 65% of U-Highers play on at least one team.

Club Sports

  • Badminton
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey – co-op with Latin School
  • Midway Aquatics—swim team outside of regular season competition
  • Quidditch Club
  • Softball


U-High’s newspaper and yearbook programs are among the top in the nation and have sent many students into the world armed with impeccable communications skills whether they work in journalism or not. U-High’s photojournalism program contributes to both publications and students also produce an arts and literary magazine and an online history journal.

Theater and Music

The High School mounts three theater productions each year and the Music Department includes, among other offerings, orchestra, choir, band, and composition. Students may also participate in the elite Jazz Ensemble or sing in Lab’s a cappella choir (Bel Canto). There are also opportunities to perform regularly in musical events and competitions around the country.

Clubs and Co-curricular activities

Interest Clubs
  • Anime Club
  • Bizaarnival
  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • Climbing Club
  • Feminist Club
  • Film Club
  • Futures Beginning
  • Language Club
  • Photography Club
  • Students Against Animal Cruelty
  • Student Forum on the Middle East
  • Students Helping Students
  • Think Tank
  • Tolkien Legendarium Club
  • UCLS Finance Club
  • World's Current Events Club
Academic Teams/Interests
  • Computer Science Club
  • Debate
  • InFlame Magazine (History)
  • Linnaean Society
  • Maroon Journal of Science
  • Math Club
  • Math Team
  • Model UN (International Affairs Debating Society)
  • Scholastic Bowl
  • Science Team
  • Slam Poetry Team
  • STEM Club
  • U-High History Club
  • WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering)
Artistic Groups
  • Arts Fest
  • Bel Canto (singing group)
  • Creative Writing Group
  • Poetry Slam (Performance reading)
  • Renaissance (Literature & the arts mag)
  • Theater (Three productions a year, including student-playwright presentations)
  • U-High Chamber Music Group
Cultural Diversity/Social Clubs and Associations
  • American Filipino Education Coalition (AFEC)
  • Asian Students’ Association (ASA)
  • Black Students’ Association (BSA)
  • DICE (Diversity Initiatives and Collaborative Efforts)
  • Explorations in Japanese Culture
  • Freedom Riders
  • German Club
  • Italian Club
  • Jewish Students’ Association (JSA)
  • Latin Club
  • Latinos Unidos
  • Muslim Students’ Association (MSA)
  • Spanish Club
  • Spectrum (LGBTQ)
  • Young Life
Service Clubs
  • C3 (Community Creative Club)
  • Green Team
  • High Schoolers Against Cancer
  • Off The Streets
  • Penguins for Patients
  • Ready, Set Grow!
  • Red Cross Club
  • Ronald McDonald House Club
  • Students Against Brain Cancer
  • Students Helping Students
  • Thank A Soldier
  • Visible Change
  • Voices
Student Governance/Leadership
  • Student Council
  • Peer Leaders