Openg to rising third graders

Math Literacy Workshop
Math literacy workshop is an engaging space to help learners discover how math and connected reading and writing skills relate to every element of life. Math is all around us and we are here to apply it in a fun and meaningful way. With application of these skills to real world problem solving, children will practice using strategies and skills to expand their math tool box and build computational fluency as they also develop comprehension strategies. This class uses fun real-world math explorations, shaped by the students’ curiosities and interests. Students will be challenged to solve problems, puzzles, engage in games, build structures, adjust and cook proportional recipes, and even set up a Summer Lab math market to compute and collect data. 
Instructor: Noha ElSharkawy-Aref

Coding FUNdamentals
Codeverse has created the world's most creative coding experience that seamlessly combines real coding tools, immersive content, and an engaged community, to inspire and empower every kid to bring their ideas to life — anytime, anywhere. In our sessions, kids will explore design thinking principles, leverage our interactive developer environment to collaborate on projects with classmates, earn badges and rank through creation of real apps and games, and participate in a showcase to celebrate their achievements.  
Instructor: Codeverse

Afternoons: Adventure Kids Express
Adventure Kids Express offers children a safe, high-energy, and rewarding program based on core values of trust, communication, creativity, and teamwork. Through this experience, Campers and Staff alike enhance their cooperative skills, self-confidence, and leadership qualities. Although this summer campers will be participating in a modified experience, every day will be jam-packed with fun! The rewards are as endless as the friendships and memories created.
Program Manager: Meghan Janda

  • Full Day
  • Grade 3
  • Session I
  • Summer Lab 2021