Open to students entering grades 3–5

How to be a hero by bootstrapping your LEGO™ robot
Can you design a rescue robot? A rescue robot is a robot created to support the search and rescue of humans. These robots can assist by providing medical treatment, delivering supplies, and helping patients. A rescue robot needs to have the ability to interpret its sensors to complete a task. You will learn to code a robot to complete various complex tasks. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about a rescue robot. With a growth mindset, you can succeed, think critically, be empathic, and be a good fit to solve the problems of our generation. 
Instructor: Kenny Bae

Grimm’s Grimmest!
Not for the faint of heart! Explore the world of fairy tales, myths, and folk tale legends with a particular focus on the tales of the Brothers Grimm. We will explore the structure and meaning of folk literature, and how the stories have changed over time. Students will read tales and study different time periods with which they are associated with a special emphasis on tales from the Middle Ages. We will compare stories that are familiar today with the versions recorded by the Grimm Brothers. Students will write their own tales, explore the symbolism of the fairy tales through art and debate, and will research an area of interest related to fairy tales or an area of interest in the time period or other history related to these terribly grim stories. 
Instructor: Kristin Frank

Adventure Kids Express
Adventure Kids Express offers children a safe, high-energy, and rewarding program based on core values of trust, communication, creativity, and teamwork. Through this experience, Campers and Staff alike enhance their cooperative skills, self-confidence, and leadership qualities. Although this summer campers will be participating in a modified experience, every day will be jam-packed with fun! The rewards are as endless as the friendships and memories created.
Program Manager: Meghan Janda

  • Full Day
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
  • Session I
  • Summer Lab 2021