Open to students entering grades 3–5

Game On! Digital Game Design

Game On! will provide an exciting atmosphere in which students explore and apply concepts of digital game design, computer programming, and graphic design. By the end of the summer, they will be able to confidently use Scratch to create a FUN game that expresses their unique interests and programming skills. Students will dive immediately into game design to discover each component as they complete a progression of game design challenges such as: a ball game (like Pong), a maze game (like Pac-Man), and a scrolling game (like Space Invaders). A successful session will yield a completed game as well as propel students toward further game development, digital design, and programming projects throughout their lives. They will grow as digital media producers, rather than just consumers.
Instructor: Micyelia Sanders

Robot Explorers
As a Robot Explorer, your student will learn how to code, design, program, problem solve, create, and have fun using the Edison Robot which is LEGO™ compatible. They will learn the basics of robotics, electrical and mechanical engineering. Students will discover the joy of making multiple D.I.Y Robots they get to take home, like the Solar Rover that teaches about renewable energy.
Instructor: Robot City Workshop

Afternoons: Adventure Kids Express
Adventure Kids Express offers children a safe, high-energy, and rewarding program based on core values of trust, communication, creativity, and teamwork. Through this experience, Campers and Staff alike enhance their cooperative skills, self-confidence, and leadership qualities. Although this summer campers will be participating in a modified experience, every day will be jam-packed with fun! The rewards are as endless as the friendships and memories created.
Program Manager: Meghan Janda

  • Full Day
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
  • Session I
  • Summer Lab 2021