Pre-Algebra: Get Pointed in the Right Direction

For children entering grades 6–8

This class will focus on the pre-algebra skills needed for students to be successful in their middle school math classes. Each two-week session will cover the topics of integers, decimals, fractions, and beginning algebra. In middle school, students will be immersed in algebra and geometry; these skills are integral to allow them to fully access the school year curriculum. Students will work in the whole group, small groups, and independently to master topics and to demonstrate their understanding. At the end of the two week session, students will have a binder displaying the work they have done and their new level of comprehension of these math topics. The class will cover the same content each session and we recommend only registering for this class one time.

Session I: June 20–June 30
Session II: July 5–July 14
Session III: July 17–July 28
Early Mornings: 8:15–10:15 a.m.
Instructor: Be Able Learning Services
Cost: Session I $405, Session II $360, Session III $450

  • Grades 6–8