Intensive Reading and Writing

For children entering grades 3–4

Come have fun while learning with us this summer! We promise your child will get excited about this reading and writing class. Taught by a reading specialist along with classroom teachers, Intensive Reading and Writing is for learners who would benefit from more time to solidify reading accuracy, comprehension, and writing skills. One goal of the program is to improve your child’s fluency in reading to make it smoother, faster, and more accurate. Get ready for the next school year by going beyond the reading of the words and learning to actively read to understand and engage in powerful book discussions with peers. In addition to reading, we will be expanding your learner’s writing skills, from idea development to spelling and writing mechanics. Students will be broken into groups based on exactly the literacy skill that they need to develop!

Full Session: June 20–July 28
Half day: 8:15 a.m.–12:25 p.m.    
Instructors: Yolanda Navarette and Foley Burckardt, Program Manager 
Cost: Full Session $2,430

  • Grades 3–5