Still-Life Pictures

For children entering grades 3–5

Since the 16th century—arguably even before then—people have been making artworks depicting flowers, foods, and various other objects. In this class, inanimate objects are the subjects of our paintings and drawings. Students begin with observational studies, as they learn about proportion, positive and negative space, and design concepts such as unity and balance. We will take some subject matter from nature—students are invited to bring objects of their own as well—and think about the symbolism that each object might represent in an art piece. A range of materials will be available. As we discuss the possibilities and limitations of each, students will try them out and decide what works best for them and the objects they choose for their artwork. By the end of class, each student can expect to have a series of sketches and drawings, as well as one painting on canvas.

Session I: June 20–June 30
Early Mornings: 8:15–10:15 a.m.
Instructor: Candice Latimer
Cost: Session I $405

  • Grades 3–5