Darkroom Photography

For children entering grades 6–8

Did you know that the literal meaning of the word “photograph” is “light picture?” As technological advances in image-making continue to change the way we do things by offering a wealth of options and conveniences, it’s important to look back at the rich history of traditional methods and equipment used to create light pictures. Every part of making a digital photo is a simulation of the analog process that creates a physical photographic print. This class takes your learner into Lab’s own darkroom to teach them in a tactile way about the relationship between light and time, and how those two things come together to create a photograph. Your young photographer will take pictures on film using a manual camera, and then print on real black-and-white photo paper and make physical photographs that they can take home.

Session I: June 20–June 30
Late Mornings: 10:25 a.m.–12:25 p.m.
Instructor: Candice Latimer
Cost: $405

  • Grades 6–8