Cooking / Greeking Out

For children entering grades 1–2

Join The Kids' Table this summer for some fun foodie adventures. In these hands-on cooking camps, your budding chef gets to chop, grate and roll their way to different delicious dishes each day, and enjoy their creations together at the end. Kids discover that cooking is fun and real food is really good!

Greeking Out
We'll take an epic adventure through Greek mythology with heroic quests and battles, gods and goddesses, and our own imaginations. We'll introduce classic myths and characters in a kid-friendly format that opens up to dramatic interpretation, art projects, and culinary explorations. We'll spend time drawing and painting, building swords and shields with clay and papier-mache, and re-enacting epic battle scenes. We'll learn to weave like Arachne, face our fears like Herakles, tell the future like the Oracles, and use our wisdom like Athena. No prior exposure to mythology needed, as we'll build our collective knowledge together and work collaboratively. 

These classes also have a weekly rotation of sports, music, library, art, and outdoor water play to round out their day.

Baking and cooking classes will incur an additional materials fee per session. 

Session II:  July 5–July 14
Full day: 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Instructors: The Kids’ Table and Jason Pallas
Cost: Session II $1,120 (material fee $80)

  • Grades 1–2