Continents, Cultures and Bread! / Multisensory Math

For children entering grades 1–2

Continents, Cultures and Bread!
In every corner of the globe people eat and treasure bread. It holds a place in every culture in the world. In France there is the baguette, in China there are buns and in America there is cornbread and biscuits. This summer your student will learn about the origins of breadmaking. They will learn about the politics of bread in history and current day. In addition to the cultural study, students will be scientists too. They will work at measuring ingredients, testing combinations, and observing the changes that their ingredients go through in the process of becoming bread.  We will use traditional recipes to bake bread from other cultures. Students will also try their hands at creating recipes of their own to share with family and friends. 

Multisensory Math
In this class, students will learn a variety of math strategies using manipulatives and other tactile objects. The main idea is to frame concepts from concrete to representational to abstract (CRA). Activities will include using “strings with wings” to skip-count and introduce multiplication; using unit cubes, ten rods, and hundreds of flats to understand place value; and building with pattern blocks to learn about fractions. Students will be given pre- and post-assessments on grade-level mathematical concepts.

These classes also have a weekly rotation of sports, music, library, art, and outdoor water play to round out their day.

Baking and cooking classes will incur an additional materials fee per session.

Session I: June 20–June 30
Session II:  July 5–July 14
Session III:  July 17–July 28
Full day: 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Instructors: Nefatiti Rochester and Matt Zakosek
Cost: Session I $1,260 (material fee $90), Session II $1,120 (material fee $80), Session III $1,400 (material fee $100)

  • Grades 1–2