Al Gaming & Machine Learning

For children entering grades 6–8

Have you ever wondered…How Alexa can understand and respond to you? How enemies in video games can work together to try and beat the player? Or how Google can guess what you are searching for before you finish typing? In this course, students learn introductory concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence. They will use concepts (including augmented reality, simulated learning and functions, and AI behaviors) to create fast-paced interactive games such as Fruit Ninja, Chatbots, and AI Pets! The class will cover the same content each session and we recommend only registering for this class one time.

Session I: June 20–June 30
Session II: July 5–July 14
Session III: July 17–July 28
Early Mornings: 8:15–10:15 a.m.
Instructor: CodeAdvantage
Cost: Session I $405, Session II $360, Session III $450

  • Grades 6–8