Landscapes and Cityscapes, Places Real and Imagined

For children entering grades 3–5

For ages, people have been making visual descriptions of the places that surround them, whether that means actual, observable places, or fictional, dreamt-up ones. Consider cave paintings for instance, with the plains, the hills, and the animals depicted in red and black lines. Or how about the illustrations in your favorite books, and the wide, establishing shots in animated movies? Take a look at those and consider all that someone can communicate in a picture—the time of year, time of day, even the mood or feeling that is present in that place. We will consider these things and more as each student develops a portfolio of landscapes. We will spend some time outside drawing from nature, as students learn about linear and atmospheric perspectives. Students will have a range of materials to use as they create their compositions on paper and canvas.

Session III: July 17–July 28
Early Mornings: 8:15–10:15 a.m.
Instructor: Candice Latimer
Cost: Session III $450

  • Grades 3–5