N3–N4 Age Requirements Clarification

N3–N4 Age Requirements Clarification

From time to time, families express concern that their child may not be ready for nursery three, in part due to the fact that a child has a summer birthday (born between June 1–August 31). Lab wants to reassure parents that each nursery classroom is designed to support all children within Lab’s 12 month applicant age range, both young and old.  

At the same time, Lab recognizes that all children mature, develop and grow at their own pace. In particular, some children with summer birthdays may not be ready for Lab’s Nursery program, despite being within the age limits.  Developmental milestones for Lab’s youngest learners touch on physical growth, and development in cognitive, social, emotional, language and sensory, motor and other abilities. 

If your child has a summer birthday (born between September 1–August 31) we ask that you apply to your child’s age appropriate program, as follows: 

Children born between September 1, 2018–August 31, 2019 should apply to Nursery 3. 
Children born between September 1, 2017–August 31, 2018 should apply to Nursery 4. 

Families who wish to be considered for a younger grade may schedule a meeting with N3-2 administrators to share their thoughts. Please reach out to Irene Reed to request a meeting. After the admissions process is complete, the Laboratory Schools will evaluate all information provided during the admissions process and determine the best and appropriate nursery grade placement. 

Please note that this policy only applies to Lab’s nursery program, and not Kindergarten and beyond. 

If you have questions, please email Irene Reed, Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, grades N3–12. 

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