Middle School student makes headlines as 
TIME for Kids reporter

After an intensive interview process, twelve-year-old Orlie Weitzman was named just one of 15 kid reporters for TIME for Kids magazine. Selected from a group of over 300 applicants, Orlie will work with editors at TIME for Kids to contribute her voice to their magazine. Past kid reporters have interviewed political leaders, social activists, and celebrities as part of the year-long program.

Journalism provides an excellent opportunity for Orlie to follow her natural curiosity; she says her favorite part of reporting “is being able to connect with people, ask them questions, and share their stories through writing.” The young reporter hopes to use her new platform with TIME for Kids to take on important issues, including digital citizenship, climate change, and refugee policy. Orlie looks forward to sharing her work with her peers, saying, “There’s something really special about young people writing for the enjoyment of other young people, not just adults writing what they think kids will enjoy reading.”

Orlie’s first piece explores the impact of the Hyde Park Refugee Project, a grassroots organization providing aid for recently resettled refugees. “The project shows the community of Hyde Park at its best,” Orlie says, “and I felt this TIME for Kids contest was the perfect chance to write about the incredible volunteers and refugees who make our neighborhood a better place.”

This national recognition of her journalistic skills began, Orlie says, with her learning at Lab. She mentions teachers Catherine Gillespie, Carl Farrington, and Jasmine Jefferson as helping her develop her writing. “I like that Lab from a very early age trusts you to do research on your own,” says Orlie. From the halls of Lab to the pages of TIME for Kids, this talented young reporter is taking her writing to readers across the world.

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