Kindergarten Hearts

Lab’s kindergarten students show their love and thanks for essential workers

The kindergarten teachers knew they wanted to help the children in their remote care to express gratitude to community members who help us all stay safe at home by doing their work. Inspired by the “All In Illinois” heart logo, the teachers sent this message to the kindergarteners via Seesaw:

“Everyone from our school is working hard to stay safe by staying home. Thank you very much! There are some people, though, who go to work every day instead of staying home so that they can help people stay safe. Maybe someone from your own family is one of these people? Maybe a doctor or someone else who helps people when they are sick? Maybe someone who delivers groceries or other supplies to you at home? We want to say thank you to all of these people, our Essential Workers, by making a giant love note from all of the kindergartners at Lab. Can you please help by making a heart to add to our love note?”

Kindergarten Hearts

Expressing gratitude can be a key to social emotional learning; building and strengthening confidence, optimism, social awareness, empathy, and relationship skills. When children express gratitude, they practice responsible decision-making and enhance the well-being of others, themselves, and the world around them. Furthermore, finding a way for Lab’s kindergartners to express love and thanks to the Essential Workers in our community speaks directly to the school’s mission: We value learning experientially, exhibiting kindness, and
honoring diversity. Thank you to all of the children who helped bring this project to life with their joyful hearts and to the families who supported their efforts!

Download the full image here.

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