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Lab's Halloween Mixes Chemistry, Social Awareness, Fun

Watching a U-Higher costumed as a sponge create flame in her hands (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME) in front of 100 Middle and Lower Schoolers is just not that unusual a sight, nor is seeing an eight-year-old dressed up as Frida Kahlo, with the artist's amazing eyebrows perfectly replicated. At least they're not unusual at Lab where Halloween is a special celebration complete with costumes, pumpkins, treats—and activities that spill over into academics and community service:

  • Elizabeth Kelly's Chem C class researched and practiced awesome chemistry demos, which they performed on Halloween for hundreds of younger students and many adults: lighting propane gas bubbles on fire in their hands, elephant toothpaste, explosively burning gummy bears, magic sugar snakes, and more. The big kids explained the science and everyone ooohed, aaahed, and cheered.

  • First graders in Nefatiti Rochester's class predicted which pumpkins would have the most seeds, then carved and counted to find out. "It's a motivating way to help students count to high numbers, organize and keep track of scattered sets, compare large numbers, make predictions and estimates, and learn something about pumpkin anatomy, as well!"
  • Michelle Holmes' fourth grade class led the Lower School Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF drive, a service project that LS students have been doing for years.

All over the school, hundreds of children and adults sing, parade, and delight in this major Lab happening.

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