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Hair, scorn, and code: alumni authors at work

Interested in hair? Scientist Kurt Stenn, '57, was inspired one day while sitting in a barber's chair to study and write Hair: A Human History.

Envy Up, Scorn Down: How Status Divides Us is a book by Susan Fiske, '67, where she shows how comparisons up in social standing can create envy and how comparisons down can create scorn. Her work is about fostering authentic connections across differences.

And then there's Aimee Lucido, '09, a software engineer who has worked at Uber and Facebook whose book, Emmy in the Key of Code, is a melodic mixture of innovative storytelling at the intersection of poetry and software code.

If hair and scorn and code are not your thing but you interested in screenplays, you can watch The Imitation Game. Graham Moore, '99, wrote that and received an Academy Award for it.

The list of alumni authors is long and diverse, and Lab is proud. Learning to read texts closely and learning to write words thoughtfully is part of what cultivates that lifelong love of learning Labbies take into the real world.

A sample of the books in the alumni author's collection

The alumni authors collection will be on display again at Lab during Alumni Weekend. Alumni authors who want to see their books included should contact alumni relations.



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