Gratitude and a Giving Attitude
Stu Schuster

Gratitude and a Giving Attitude

Stu Schuster, ’63, transferred to Lab as an eleventh grader and he categorically believes it was one of the best decisions of his life. “The warmth of the people and  the teachers; their knowledge and expectations; and the discipline that I learned at Lab prepared me for life.” 

After graduating from Lab, Stu went on to study computer science at a time of incredible growth in the field. He never left Lab behind, however. He stayed connected to friends and classmates, rarely missing his milestone reunions. “Our  reunions are almost better than a family reunion. It’s a party but also an opportunity to reconnect and find out what people are doing.” From acting and writing to teaching and researching, Stu has always been impressed with his classmates’ achievements and professional pursuits.

When Stu and his wife, Bette, started to make financial plans, they learned about the possibility of a charitable remainder trust and named Lab as a beneficiary. A charitable remainder trust is a charitable giving vehicle that can provide the donor with an income stream for their lifetime and will make a valuable gift to the named charitable beneficiaries in the future. Stu and Bette have generously stipulated that their donation should support scholarships and financial aid for Lab students.

Stu is happy to give current and future students a chance to experience the incredible Lab education that he enjoyed. “I have always felt that education is the great equalizer. There is nothing you can do for youth that is more important than giving them an educational opportunity in order to help them succeed.” 

Stu has fond memories of the Lab teachers who challenged him, supported him, and had a tangible impact on his life and career. So supporting the Schools has been a lifelong priority. “I can’t think of any other donation that would be as important as allowing people to experience what I experienced at Lab.”

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