Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

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Parent Richard Zhang has always valued the Laboratory Schools’ exemplary emphasis on exhibiting kindness and honoring diversity. Yet, Lab’s inclusive and welcoming atmosphere is not always reflected in our larger society. Recognizing the challenges that Asian Americans have recently faced, Richard decided to take action. “The events of the past couple of years have, in particular, highlighted the need for Asians to speak up and for the broader American society to understand and appreciate Asian culture and to defeat anti-Asian hate.”

Richard decided to provide the leadership gift for the Asian Culture Fund, a new endowed fund that will support student-and teacher-led initiatives that elevate Asian culture and combat anti-Asian hate. Creating this fund builds on the work that Lab faculty and staff have done for years, while ensuring sustained funding and adding momentum and excitement to the work.

Richard and his family see the Asian Culture Fund as a perfect complement to Lab’s extensive diversity, equity, and inclusion work. “I remain both faithful and optimistic about the notion of a collectively supportive and mutually appreciative community as a truly distinctive and proud feature of America.” Lab provides a terrific starting point for young learners and future leaders to gain exposure to a variety of cultures and to understand the power of an inclusive and caring community.

In furthering the Fund’s emphasis on community, Richard offered a matching gift opportunity to inspire others to contribute to the Asian Culture Fund. “I want to encourage more Asian voices and broader participation so that the fund enjoys stronger sustainability and deeper impact.” 

From holiday celebrations to classroom presentations, all students will have opportunities to learn and grow thanks to the Asian Culture Fund. Richard and his family are proud to help support values of curiosity, kindness, and understanding.

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