A Lab Family Affair
Twins Chase and Grant Chavin and family

A Lab Family Affair

Twins Chase and Grant Chavin, ’97, spent their formative years at Lab. As Lab “lifers”, the twin brothers took advantage of all that the Schools had to offer. According to Chase, “I can say, unequivocally, that the school had a meaningful impact on my life. My closest friends, to this day, are Lab alums.” Now, as a proud Lab parent, Chase is delighted to share his love for Lab with his kids and his wife, Stefanie. “I have been hearing about Lab and felt part of the Lab community almost since the day I met Chase,” said Stefanie.

The Chavins’ dedication to and appreciation for Lab has never waivered. As active alumni and, now, parents, they have stayed committed and connected. “I always identified with the Lab community. Staying involved allowed me to keep relationships with friends and mentors beyond my time at school. I also felt indebted to the Laboratory Schools, both for my education and for the incredible aid I received when I was there,” shared Grant.

As the brothers looked forward to celebrating their 25-year class reunion with the community of friends that they love, they decided it was time to pay it forward for future generations of Labbies by providing the leadership and foundational gift for the Class of 1997 Scholarship Fund. This endowed fund, supported by members of the Class of 1997, will provide scholarship support to Lab students in perpetuity. Class funds are a valuable way for alumni to engage with Lab. There are currently 36 classes with endowed scholarship funds, and that number continues to grow every year. These funds, donated through annual and reunion gifts, provide critical support to ensure that Lab remains inclusive and accessible to students from all backgrounds.

Grant’s wife, Kendra, loves that Lab is a family affair for the Chavins. “I think the kids and I feel a greater sense of community because of Grant and Chase’s lifelong dedication and contributions to Lab. I can only hope that my two boys create just as many friendships and memories throughout their Lab journeys.”

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