The Birth of a Butterfly

The Birth of A Butterfly classroom Pictures

The Birth of a Butterfly

We may know where butterflies come from but Mr. Eldridge's Kindergarten class watched the process unfold before their very eyes last year. From caterpillar to chrysalis to brilliant butterfly, these young learners did not just learn about the metamorphosis from pictures in a book, but through their own care and keeping of the amazing, transformative creatures.

Together the class celebrated the arrival of the caterpillars, studied their eating habits (lots of milkweed!), and marveled at the changes they observed. "The excitement of seeing our first chrysalis was palpable and the joyful thrill of seeing butterflies still rings in the air," shared Eldridge.   

Through copious record keeping and journaling, the students were able to hone their observation and writing skills in creating a chronological timeline of the life process. Their patience and curiosity paid off. The butterflies emerged and our young scientists experienced a miracle of nature firsthand.

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