Smart Pens Lend a Helping Hand

Smart Pen Assistive Technology for the Classroom

Smart Pens Lend a Helping Hand

Learning is meant to be challenging, but thanks to our learning support team, U-High students have a plethora of choices when it comes to accessibility. Centering the Universal Design for Learning framework, students can utilize OrbitNote Chrome extension, smart pens, and other technology tools to enhance their dynamic learning profiles and become expert learners. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes and luckily these tools are right at our students' fingertips.

OrbitNote might sound like something out of this world, but it can assist students with everyday tasks involving digital documents. From enabling real-time collaboration within the document, reading text aloud (including math and science equations), and highlighting and freehand note scribbling, this technology makes learning into today's digital world more accessible. Smart pens are also available for students. This handy tool transcribes written notes into text files for easier reference when studying for an assessment or writing a paper in the future.

The U-High Learning Coordinators and Accommodations Coordinator, Megan Hubbard, work tirelessly to ensure that all Lab students have the tools they need to thrive. Learning is challenging, but with a multitude of supportive technologies and a caring, dedicated team, every student has the chance to succeed. 

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