Serving Others, Discovering Themselves

Service others, discovering themselves

Serving Others, Discovering Themselves

How do you want to help? Who do you want to serve? What gifts do you have to share with your community? These are questions Lab students ask themselves when embarking on their tenth-grade year of service. It's a massive, yet rewarding, undertaking shepherded by Service Learning Coordinator, Katie Clendenning. Last school year alone, 152 students completed 5,000 hours of service with 36 different organizations. It's an exercise in experiential learning for tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and compassionate changemakers.

One lesson I will take away from this experience is the importance of volunteering and service. It's not only important for the people it helps out, who need a little boost to keep going, to society who will always benefit from well functioning organizations, but also for myself. It allowed me to meet so many new people and learn more skills, and it also feels good to know I'm making a small difference in the world and giving back to my community. 
–Clara Cui

A lesson I have learned from my experience, mainly about myself, is that I really do love working with kids, in any aspect, but really getting to teach them or share something that I am passionate about. It brings me a lot of joy to be able to help other people, to give them assistance, and to get to watch them learn and grow.
–Daisy Coleman

One lesson that I will take forward from this experience is to be mindful and compassionate. You never know at any given moment what anyone has really been through. It is important to be mindful and aware that people have different experiences than you, and it is important to show respect and compassion toward those people and their experiences.  
–Luca Todorov

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