Middle School Math Makes Its Mark

Middle School Math Makes its Mark

Middle School Math Makes Its Mark

It’s part competition, part STEM education, part rigorous learning, and all teamwork and fun. Middle schoolers participating on various math teams offered at Lab enjoy a well-rounded experience and opportunity to grow. At weekly meetings with faculty coaches, students engage in solving challenging math problems, share problem-solving strategies, and prepare for a variety of contests throughout the year, such as the ICTM, IML and AMC 8

Christopher Freeman, a former Middle School math teacher who initiated Lab’s participation in the MathCOUNTS competition, led and inspired many mathletes not only to enjoy solving interesting math problems, but also to have fun and cheer each other on. Lab’s teams continue that legacy with a strong ethos of teamwork and camaraderie. The math community in middle school is a welcoming, positive space where students can explore their passions, consider innovative approaches to new and old problems, and be themselves. The numbers speak for themselves:

2022 MathCOUNTS: Second place in the state
2022 MathCOUNTS: Lab student member of the Illinois Team at Nationals
2022 Grade 6 IML: First place in the state
2022 Grade 7 ILM: Second place in the state
2022 Grade 8 ILM: Second place in the state

In a world where innovation is often required to puzzle out the toughest issues, Middle School math enrichment helps students develop the problem-solving skills they need to last a lifetime.

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