Experiential Learning for the 21st Century

Experiential Learning for the 21st Century

Experiential Learning for the 21st Century

Can you pick up a dodge ball and shoot it at a goal eight feet off the floor? Better yet, can you imagine, design, and build a robot that can? For the U-High Robotics club, led by Darren Fuller, the answer is yes. Presented with a new challenge each year, the five-year-old club that has grown quickly from ten to sixty members, is leaning into their curiosity and pushing the bounds of what's possible.

Building robots is no easy task. It's a complex and collaborative effort that takes many minds and many hands. The club is divided into three teams. Together, the students brainstorm designs, model them electronically, build and test prototypes, revise designs and retest, manufacture custom parts using a variety of tools such as computer-assisted routers, 3D printers, and laser cutters, and then test their designs against other teams in competitive matches. With resounding success, the U-High teams are making their mark on the robotics world.

Mr. Fuller has the pleasure of overseeing the students' growth through their work in the club. "Students become effective communicators; they learn to collaborate; they develop negotiation skills and learn to compromise; their critical thinking skills skyrocket; and they become true 'out-of-the-box' thinkers." And that's all in their free time!

The Robotics club has benefitted from the generous support of our community and they give back, too. The students are thankful for the supplies and equipment they use in their projects. In turn, they share their time with younger Lab students and LEGO® robotics teams in the neighborhood. Working together in so many ways, they are always ready for the next challenge.

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