A Classroom Without Walls

A Classroom without walls

A Classroom Without Walls

What’s a classroom without chairs, tables, or even walls? It’s not a trick question, it’s Lab’s outdoor classroom located on the Historic Campus. Lovingly tended by Lower School science teacher, Jeffrey Maharry, and Early Childhood teacher, Betsy Jennet, this unique space provides students with an opportunity to take a pause in their busy days and enjoy the benefits of learning outdoors. 

The outdoor classroom is truly a space where anything is possible and teachers across the divisions take full advantage of it. Whether engaging in observational drawing, nature journaling,  ecology study, or mindfully connecting with each other around the campfire, this haven allows students to experience the cycles of the natural world. “As the grasses, trees, wildflowers, and aquatic plants have become established, the classroom provides an evermore lush home for thriving insect populations. Students are encouraged to slow down and move carefully through the space, to touch gently, to look closely, and to care for the life there as stewards,” shared Maharry. Walls and chairs feel completely unnecessary when the outdoor classroom comes alive around our students.

The Outdoor Classroom was made possible by the generous support of Lab’s community.

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