A Camper’s Motto: “Us and We, not I and Me”

A Camper's Motto: "Us and We, not I and Me"

A Camper’s Motto: “Us and We, not I and Me”

Scott Budeselich, or Coach B, as he is affectionately known by his students, loves sixth-grade camp. It’s not just the great outdoors or the excitement of getting away from the city that keeps him coming back every year. It’s all about the noticeable impact that the trip has on his students. Camps provide a unique opportunity for growth, wellness, and confidence-building that Coach B knows cannot be replicated in the classroom.

For many students, sixth-grade camp at Camp MacLean in Wisconsin is their first experience away from home and there are a lot of nerves at the start of the trip. “After a day or so, an amazing transformation usually takes place and the students find that they enjoy a bit of independence. Having to sleep, eat, shower and hang out together for a few days really gives the students insight into the ‘real’ person that they sit next to in class or play with at recess,” said Coach B.

In seventh grade, students get a deeper camping experience at Camp Pretty Lake in Michigan—sleeping in tents, cooking their own food, and managing the camp supplies. Cooperation and teamwork become essential. “They learn that in order to accomplish anything at these camps, they must work together,” said Budeselich. The sixth-grade camp motto, “It’s us and we, not I and me,” become words to live by. Middle School camps turn out to be  foundational memories of the Lab experience for many students. They return home with more confidence, new friendships, and a greater appreciation for a healthy lifestyle.


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