Coming Together Through Science
Beaker Buddies_Lower School and U-High

Coming Together Through Science

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, then you don’t understand it yourself,” is one of Albert Einstein’s famous quotes and one of the reasons U-High chemistry teacher Zachary Hund reached out to Lower School and Early Childhood science teachers Sam O’Malley and Michael Eldridge, respectively, to start the Beaker Buddies program earlier this year.

Once a month, first and second graders in Eldridge’s class walk from Earl Shapiro Hall to the Historic Campus and complete experiments with Hund’s students (called the Big Beaker Buddies) based on what they are currently learning in biology, chemistry, and physics.

Beaker Buddies 2_Lower School and U-High

“I wanted to see if my students could take something they learned from class, and then turn around and explain it to a child with zero understanding of the material,” says Hund. “We want these activities to be as hands-on as possible, with the older students providing guidance and support to the younger ones.”

The Little Beaker Buddies in Eldridge’s class enjoy the experiments and connections. They journal about their experiences. “We love to read their journal entries and to look at the pictures that they drew to help bring their writing to life,” says Eldridge. “I hope that we are making science feel accessible and inclusive to all of our students.”

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