Athletic Awards and Honors
Image of Doc Monilaw Medal winners

2022–2023 William "Doc" Monilaw Medal winners (left to right) Maya Atassi, Luke Grotthuss, Xavier Nesbitt, and Jackie Slimmon

Image of Luke GrotthussSenior Luke Grotthuss was selected ISL Runner-of-the-Year by the coaches at their meeting this week. Luke won four first place medals at the ISL Championship meet at Lake Forest Academy earlier in May. Luke won the 100m, and 200m, and was the anchor on both the 4x100 and 4x200 relays.

The ISL selected our Boys Track and Field coaches as ISL Coaching Staff of the Year for their work with our athletes this year and after a strong performance at the ISL Championships. Congratulations to head coaches Lynne Ingalls and Austin Warner and assistant coaches Reinaldo Larotta and Brandon Davis.

The following students were recognized on June 1 for their outstanding accomplishments in athletics:

Bill Zarvis Award

Katie Bai
Lizzie Baker
Corona Chen
Maya El Shamsy
Elizabeth Frost
Charlotte Henderson
Jeffrey Huang
Ben King
Ethan Kucera
William Montague
Bryan Pan
Kenneth Peters
Yaseen Qureshi
Sohrab Rezaei
Jake Roggin
Kriti Sarav
Charlotte Sims
Serena Thomas

James Wherry-Willis Award

Will Meyer

William "Doc" Monilaw Medal

Maya Atassi
Luke Grotthuss
Xavier Nesbitt
Jackie Slimmon

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