Chief of Staff, Writer, and Public Policy Expert

Chief of Staff, Writer, and Public Policy Expert

Charles Blackstone '95 (attended)

Charles Blackstone '95

In June, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced the appointment of Charles Blackstone ’95 as the chief of staff of the Mayor’s Office of Food Policy (MOFP). In this role, Blackstone will advance the food equity goals of Food Forward, New York City’s first-ever, ten-year food policy plan.

Before his appointment, Blackstone held a variety of previous roles in government administration including deputy chief of staff for the City of New York’s Department of Homeless Services and director of digital communications for the Department of Homeless Services within the Department of Social Services. He holds a BA from the University of Illinois at Chicago as well as an MA in social sciences from the University of Colorado Boulder.

In his new role, Blackstone will collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders including community members, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies to advance a comprehensive policy framework designed to increase food security, promote access to and consumption of healthy foods, and support economic opportunity in the food system by 2031. Under Blackstone’s leadership, MOFP will continue leading the administration’s goals toward a wholesome, nutrient-rich food system by collaborating across all city agencies.

In addition to being an accomplished public policy expert, Blackstone is also a freelance writer and accomplished author. Through both creativity and intellect, Blackstone’s name in the literary world is gaining notoriety in both fiction and nonfiction genres. His published credits include Vintage Attraction, a novel about a young English teacher who falls for a famous and sommelier; The Art of Friction, which surveys the borderlands where fiction and nonfiction intersect and challenge genre lines; and The Week You Weren’t Here, a novel that takes you in and out of the mind of a soon-to-be college graduate as he approaches the last days of his undergraduate tenure.

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