The power of a diverse community

Power of a diverse community

The power of a diverse community

Because multiculturalism and diversity are essential to academic excellence, the Schools work to assemble a student body that reflects the many differences that shape our world—a major reason many families choose Lab. Lab families identify themselves as having 59 different nationalities and speaking more than 60 languages. What better testament to the rich array of cultures and ideas that our families bring to this learning environment? We are proud of our breadth and depth of diversity, knowing that it breeds openness and understanding, both of which, we believe, are essential for people in our greater society.

Brionna Taylor Memorial At Lab, students and their families encounter the intentional work of diversity, equity, and inclusion in a number of ways including culturally responsive curriculum and opportunities to connect through affinity groups and clubs. All programs at Lab are open to all community members.

  • Lab understands the importance of making space for students who share aspects of their identity to gather and talk about issues related to that identity, and to transfer that discussion into action that makes for a more inclusive and equitable experience at school. Affinity groups make schools better, safer places where every student feels heard and their development of identity is supported.  
  • Identities around which affinity groups are organized may include, but are not limited to, race, ethnicity, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, and nationality. 
  • Affinity groups are available to all students, grades N–12. Clubs are available to students in Middle and High School. Contact your child’s dean of students for more information about affinity groups in each division.

Parent affinity groups The Lab Parents’ Association provides space for parents to gather in affinity groups, as well. Current parent affinity groups include:

  • Black Family Forum
  • Chinese Families and Friends
  • Desi Culture Group
  • Difference Makers
  • Families for Anti-Racism at Lab
  • Families of Gender Expansive or Transgender Kids
  • Iranian Families and Friends
  • Jewish Family Group
  • Korean Families and Friends
  • La Familia
  • Latin American Spanish Organization
  • Muslim Families and Friends

Lab recognizes that diversity also registers in economic variances. To ensure that students are able to benefit from, and enhance, the Lab experience regardless of their ability to pay, Lab provides need-based financial aid at all grade levels and scholarships based on need and merit at the high school level.