A community of individuals

A community of individuals

Teaching that allows individuals to flourish and embrace learning as a lifelong experience 

At every age, the Laboratory Schools prepare children to be independent thinkers and creative problem-solvers. At the same time, teachers cultivate an environment where children are collaborative and supportive of one another, love learning, and see it as an integral part of who they are.

Some very clear tenets ground everything we do:

Education starts with the child 
Because each child thinks and learns differently, Lab teachers develop curricula and activities that address the needs, interests, and styles of the specific students in their classroom.

We support all aspects of a young person’s development 
Teaching and education must address all the developmental needs of the child—academic and cognitive, social and emotional—so that children think and work to their fullest potential at any given stage.

Student and teacher learn from each other 
Rainn Wilson speaking to middle school theater classLab teachers never underestimate the knowledge a child, no matter how young, brings to class. Valuing each person’s contribution allows a trusting dialogue and an exchange of ideas to develop between teacher and learner. Students grow to have confidence, respectfully query others, and express their own ideas.

Authenticity and meaningful experiences are critical 
Once a concept has been introduced, Lab teachers make it that much more meaningful by bridging disciplines to reinforce an idea, bringing the real world into the classroom or taking the class into the real world. By taking children to a working drawbridge or inviting an engineer to share actual plans, Lab allows children to see concepts in action.