Senior Parent Gift

Since 2007, parents of seniors have made a special contribution in honor of their child's graduation. These gifts form the foundation of a Class Scholarship Fund that graduates will steward and continue to build as they grow and develop their own philanthropic spirit and give back to Lab in the years to come. This parent-led effort has continued to grow since its inception with over $700,000 raised overall toward endowed scholarships.

Class of 2018 Scholarship Committee

  • Nicole Brookens, Co-Chair
  • Daniel Stolze, Co-Chair
  • Elizabeth Anderson
  • Julie Dalla Rosa
  • Edward Gin
  • Robin Winters Goolsbee
  • Amy Han
  • Kate Hannigan
  • Wendy Minor
  • Kali Patrice
  • Lauren Polite
  • Safi Runesha
  • Karen Slimmon
  • Melissa Weber
  • Amanda Woodward

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To join the committee, or for any questions about Senior Parent Gift please contact the