Stress Less Fest, Wednesdays, 8:15–11:25 a.m., Café Lab

Stress Less Fest is a five day interactive cafeteria installation for students to promote awareness and engagement about stress. The event is during tutorials and Advisory from 8:15-11:25 a.m. It is for students to access when they are in tutorials or for Advisories to visit before lunch. For five Wednesdays throughout the rest of the year, a corner of the cafeteria will be dedicated to share information and provide support for students around identifying and managing stress. The purpose is to increase awareness of the impact stress has on the lives of our students, to normalize the challenges of dealing with stress, and to provide concrete ideas for limiting the negative impact of stress on students' lives. Each Wednesday will have a different theme and involve different activities to promote student involvement and learning. The activities selected have the potential to help students deal with stress, whether by encouraging personal reflection, providing emotional release, or teaching relevant self-soothing skills. The structure will be as follows:

3/8: Dealing with Stress: Art and Expression

4/12: Dealing with Stress: Reading and Relaxing

5/17: Dealing with Stress: Exercise and Nutrition

Stress Fest is funded in part by the Parents' Association, and led by Middle School Counselor, Matt Landa. For more information, please contact Matt Landa.