Kids and dogs—a club and so much more

Kids and dogs—a club and so much more

Once a week, a group of Middle Schoolers collect their canine companions and have a Zoom meeting with other kids . . . and other dogs. No one can be sure if the dogs are really building connections, but the kids are.

"Dogs" is just one of the student-driven clubs that Lab Middle Schoolers have dreamt up this fall—and that teachers are sponsoring. Clubs are an important opportunity for young people to show leadership and self direction—while doing something they like to do. It might be Robotics or Pokémon, Boys of Color or Miyazaki Movies. In fact it is all of these and 35 more. Students come up with the idea and learn to organize and ask for help—finding a faculty sponsor and inviting others students to participate.

"Kids thrive at school by doing more than just academics. We knew it was really important to support our clubs program as a way of supporting our kids' overall health and wellbeing," says Middle School Interim Dean of Students Luke Zavala.

"It's helping them connect with people who have the same interests, making friends with people they might not otherwise get to know." He explains that even new students have stepped up to organize clubs and by doing so are making friends in a virtual world.

Take a look at what our Middle School students are interested in.