Volleyball Girls (Frosh/Soph)

2018 - 2019 Schedule

Frosh/Soph Little Village Volleyball Tournament, Little Village High School
Little Village High School

Athletics Team

Team Season News

    The 2018 season starts Monday, August 13.

    • Meet in Upper Kovler from 9:00AM-noon
    • Gear: shorts, tee shirt, athletic shoes, knee pads, water bottle
    • First day of practice required paperwork: 1) Current physical on file 2) Sports Medicine Acknowledgement & Consent Form signed by athlete and a parent/guardian 3) Consent for Baseline Testing and Release of Information form
    • If you are uncertain whether your file is complete, contact Gail Poole BEFORE the first day of practice.
    • Visit Schoology for important communications from the Coaches.