Registration & Forms

Registration is required in order to participate and helps the Athletics Department fulfill staffing and scheduling needs based on the number of registrants. 

Any questions regarding registration can be directed to Laura Gill at  

Middle School student-athletes:

Required for High School student-athletes:

All forms needed for participation should be turned in via SchoolDoc 

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, families will be notified of any changes to the athletics program, start dates, and schedules. 

Athletic Season Start Dates: 2021-2022


HS Coed Golf, Coed Cross Country, Girls Tennis, Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball and Girls Swimming and Diving begin August 9th

** HS Sailing will be moving to the Spring Season

MS Coed Cross Country, Boys Soccer and Girls Volleyball begin August 30th

MS Coed Sailing begins September 14th


HS Girls Basketball begins November 1st

HS Boys Basketball Coed Dance Troupe, Boys Swimming and Diving and Coed Fencing begin November 8th

HS Coed Squash begins week of November 15th

HS Indoor Track and Field begins January 17th

MS Boys Basketball and Girls Basketball begins November 8th

** MS Coed Fencing will be moving to the Spring Season


HS Boys Tennis, Girls Soccer, Outdoor Coed Track and Field and Coed Baseball begins February 28th

HS Sailing begins week of March 21st

MS Coed Baseball, Coed Squash, Coed Fencing, Girls Soccer and Coed Track and Field begin April 4th