Extended Day

Extended Day at Lab provides opportunities for your child to connect with friends, discover and develop interests, and relax before and after school. Extended Day is designed to provide students with constructive, intentional, and meaningful opportunities to engage socially with one another, creatively with materials and concepts, and civically in the life of the Schools and community. Extended Day brings all of this to life within the familiar and enriching school environment you have chosen for your child. To learn more about our program, please review our 2019–20 Extended Day Policies and Procedures.

Due to COVID-19, Extended Day programs for the 2020-2021 school year are subject to change. Families will be notified of any changes prior to the start of school.


For our youngest students, Extended Day focuses on helping children develop a sense of belonging, find their own unique voice, and explore, while relaxing in the comfort of a familiar, nurturing community. Extended Day uses a Reggio Emilia approach to our work with nursery and kindergarten students in our Daily Programs which include Early Day, Bridge, and Late Day. Special Classes are also available and offer students a chance to try out new activities or practice familiar ones.

Grades 1-2

In Extended Day, first and second grade students connect with friends, discover and develop their passions, move and calm their bodies, and enjoy the outdoors. Lab's first and second grade students can participate in Early Day, Late Day, and a large and varying set of Special Classes that appeal to students' interests and talents.

Lower School

In our ExploreLab program, our third, fourth, and fifth grade students can work on homework, relax with friends, explore new and familiar interests, and play. They can also discover and delve into activities with our many and rotating Special Class options.

Middle School

In our MS Post program, following time for homework our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students can try any number of interesting pursuits including service work, cooking projects, pick-up basketball, or creating and playing games.