Extended Day

Extended Day at Lab provides opportunities for your child to connect with friends, discover and develop interests, and relax before and after school. Extended Day is designed to provide students with constructive, intentional, and meaningful opportunities to engage socially with one another, creatively with materials and concepts, and civically in the life of the Schools and community. Extended Day brings all of this to life within the familiar and enriching school environment you have chosen for your child.

Extended Day at Earl Shapiro Hall will remain streamlined and follow the homeroom cohort model that was in place during the 2020–2021 school year. We highly recommend all Nursery 3 families register for Extended Day now. We will not be able to guarantee Extended Day services for any Nursery 3 families that register after the fall registration window closes. 

Extended Day at the Historic Campus will return to pre-COVID offerings including Special classes. The Special class schedule and registration will be provided in late August.

Daily Programs

2021–2022 Schedule

  Open Registration Term Dates
Fall Term July 16–August 1 September 9–December 17
Winter Term November 8–15  January 3–March 11
Spring Term February 21–28 March 21–June 8
Special Classes
(LS/MS only)
Registration will open late August

Special Class Information 

Extended Day will offer an array of Special Classes for Lower and Middle School students during the 2021–2022 school year. These classes change each year and often include selections like Karate, Art, Cooking, Yoga, and Chess. Classes run approximately 10 weeks. Come back to the website for the list and schedule of Special Classes offered for any particular term in late August. No Special Classes will be offered at ESH this year. 

Contact Information

Click here to email the Family Life Program Team

Extended Day Phone: 773-702-9449

Audrey Hampton, Director of Family Life Programs 

Cathy Warren, Assistant Director of Family Life Programs, HC 

Domonique Isaac, Assistant Director of Family Life Programs, ESH

Nancy Kubel, Assistant Director of Family Life Programs