Students in seventh through twelfth grades are invited to join any team of their choosing. Participation is completely voluntary, and our no-cut policy provides every interested athlete with the opportunity to join a team. It does not guarantee playing time; however, all athletes who adhere to the coaches' guidelines will participate in competitions.

The program includes 40 different teams at all levels, supported by a 42 member coaching staff, a professional athletic trainer, a full-time athletic director, and numerous staff. The program culminates in varsity level competition for 16 different teams: in the fall, Girls' Volleyball, Boys' Soccer, Girls' Tennis, Coed Cross Country, Coed Golf, and Girls' Swimming; in the winter, Girls' Basketball, Boys' Basketball, Coed Fencing, Boys' Swimming, Boys' Indoor Track, and Girls' Indoor Track; in the spring, Boys' Baseball, Girls' Soccer, Boys' Tennis, Girls' Track, and Boys' Track.

In the high school, club-level activities and cooperative teams complement the program. Clubs include activities such as Dance Troupe, Flag Football, Badminton, and Sailing. From time to time, students join cooperative teams with students from other schools, most recently in ice hockey.

Our facilities are among the best in the city and in private schools throughout the country. In addition to our facilities, we enjoy the use of University facilities, most notably the award-winning Ratner Center for swimming and the Henry Crown Field House for indoor track.

Being part of an athletic team at any level requires commitment and dedication, not only by the athlete, but by the athlete's family as well. Resources of the school, community, and the home join forces to support our athletes as they cultivate a passion for excellence in athletics.