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Join Lab for a world-class journey of learning and growth built on the foundations of progressive education

In 1896, just two years after the University of Chicago was founded, Professor John Dewey—now known the world over as one of the great minds in education—established the Laboratory Schools as a place to explore and implement his educational theories. Within a few years of starting the school, Dewey outlined the values that continue to guide teaching and learning at Lab:

  • Students grow in confidence, curiosity, and creativity by learning through experience, observing the conditions and outcomes of experiments and activities.
  • Mutual respect between teachers and students helps young people attain a joyful, lifelong love of learning.
  • Through collaboration, students develop both their individual gifts and their capacity to contribute to the common good.
  • A great school community reflects principles of democracy, thus preparing students to become leaders and stewards of a healthy democratic society. 

Just as they did when Lab started with only 16 students, these values still shape what we do for the 2,200+ students, age 3 to 18, who come here to learn and be inspired every day. Learn more about Lab's academic program here.

The greatest testament to the power of a Laboratory Schools education has always been our graduates. They remind us regularly that the precollegiate life they experienced at the Laboratory Schools contributed to their achievements as adults. Lab alumni have a knack for making a difference in the world as professionals, academicians, artists, educators, researchers, public servants, and more.

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The Laboratory Schools are home to the youngest members of the University of Chicago's academic community 

Because the Laboratory Schools are part of the world-renowned University of Chicago, the importance of intellectual life—of thought and exploration—infuses everything we do across all aspects of our curriculum. Families who choose to send their children to Lab care deeply about curiosity, inquiry, and education. All are attracted to this environment that creates and nurtures the hallmark habits of expansive thinking and complex problem-solving. Learn more about Lab’s academic program and experience Lab for yourself.

Meet Lab's admissions team

Irene Reed

Irene M. Reed, ’92
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid (Nursery 3 through Grade 12)

Lynn Sasamoto

Lynn Sasamoto, ’79
Associate Director of Admissions, Nursery, Kindergarten, and Primary School

Manali Barua

Manali Barua
Assistant Director of Admissions, Grades 3 through 8

Kerry Tulson

Kerry Tulson
Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, High School

Arcelia Guerrero Wolfe

Arcelia Guerrero Wolfe
Admissions Associate

Addie Clomax

Addie Clomax
Admissions Assistant


Thank You for your Interest in Lab

Lab is seeking applicants to grades 2, 7, 10 and 11 for the 2024-25 academic year. If you are interested in applying to grade 2, 7, 10 or 11, please contact us. Applications for other grades for the 2024-25 academic year were due on November 12, 2023, and are no longer being accepted. We invite you to complete an inquiry form to let us know of your interest should we accept further applications. If you are a recruited University of Chicago faculty member interested in apply to Lab for your child, please contact Director of Admissions & Financial Aid Irene Reed.

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