School Leadership

Victoria Jueds

Carla Ellis, Assistant Director
Carla Ellis
Associate Director of Schools

Marsha East, Associate Director of Schools for Finance & Operations
Marsha East
Associate Director of Schools for Finance & Operations

Vacant, Director of Alumni Relations & Development
Rob Buckla
Associate Director for Alumni Relations & Development

Brian Canavan, Director of Safety and Security
Brian Canavan
Director, Safety and Security

Audrey Hampton, Director, Family Life Programs
Audrey Hampton
Director, Family Life Programs

Brian Hewlett, Director of Innovation and Technology
Brian Hewlett
Director, Information and Registrar Services

Brent LaRowe, Director, Registrar Services & Information Management
Brent LaRowe
Director, Registrar Services

Brian Lipinski, Director, Finance
Brian Lipinski
Director, Finance

Nicole Neal, Director of Student Services
Nicole Neal
Director, Student Services

Betsy Noel, Coordinator, Wellness and EOD/Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Betsy Noel
Director, Equal Opportunity Services and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Irene Reed, Executive Director, Admissions and Financial Aid
Irene Reed, ’92
Director, Admissions & Financial Aid

Valerie Reynolds, Director of Communications
Valerie Reynolds,
Director, Communications

Dave Ribbens, Director, Athletics
Dave Ribbens
Director, Athletics

Joe Wachowski, Director, Operations
Joe Wachowski
Director, Operations

Cathy Warren, Executive Assistant to the Director
Cathy Warren
Executive Assistant to the Director

Nicole Williams, Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Nicole Williams, AM’06
Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Kimberly Williamson, Director, Human Resources
Kimberly Williamson
Director, Human Resources

Divisional Leadership

Early Childhood

Kelly Grimmett, Principal, N3–Grade 2
Kelly Grimmett

Sarah Abella, Dean of Students Nursery–Grade 2
Sarah Abella, ’93
Assistant Principal

Ann Marie Baumann, Dean of Faculty, N–Grade 2
Ann Marie Baumann
Dean of Faculty

Heather Duncan, Dean of Teaching & Learning, N–Grade 2
Heather Duncan
Dean of Teaching & Learning

Lower School

Sylvie Anglin, Principal, Lower School
Sylvie Anglin

Riva Cohen, Assistant Principal, Lower School
Riva Cohen
Assistant Principal

Kendall L. Straughter, Dean of Students, Lower School
Kendall L. Straughter
Dean of Students

Middle School

Ryan Allen, Dean of Students, Middle School
Ryan Allen

Jessica Hanzlik, Assistant Principal, Middle School
Jessica Hanzlik
Assistant Principal

Ross Hunefeld, Dean of Students, Middle School
Ross Hunefeld
Dean of Students

High School

Paul Beekmeyer, Principal, High School
Paul Beekmeyer

Zilkia Rivera-Vazquez, Assistant Principal, High School
Zilkia Rivera-Vazquez
Assistant Principal

Ana Campos, Dean of Students, High School
Ana Campos
Dean of Students