Student Podcast Series: Understanding Climate Change

Introduction by Middle School science teachers Tony Del Campo and Debra Kogelman

On November 23rd, 2018, the day after Thanksgiving, the U.S. government released Volume II of Fourth National Climate Assessment. Volume I was released in October 2017. This entire assessment is the official U.S. Government report about climate change with the focus on the United States and was scrutinized by 13 Federal agencies. The assessment provides links to the original research that was used to determine each and every key message located within it.

Volume I explains how we know global warming is occurring and the effect it is having on parts of the Earth system, primarily focusing on the United States. Volume II explains how global warming/climate change is currently affecting the people in the United States and how it will continue to do so.

The Fourth National Climate Assessment is a document that every person in the United States would benefit from reviewing. The entire assessment is approximately 2,000 pages long with an overall executive summary and summaries for each chapter.

Middle School students at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools recognize that not everyone will take time to read the entire report. Therefore, these students created the podcasts below to build awareness of the factual content in this assessment.

Each podcast below is a six-part series developed by a specific class at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. Each series discusses what the Fourth National Climate Assessment is and five specific chapters located in Volume II. The purpose of the podcast series is to inform others how climate change is affecting one’s life. These podcasts are designed to be informative and not a commentary of students’ personal views.

People are encouraged to choose a podcast series below and listen to the entire series. Each podcast is between four to ten minutes long.

The full Fourth National Climate Assessment Volume I can be found here.
The full Fourth National Climate Assessment Volume II can be found here.

Thank you for taking time to become more informed about this important assessment.

Student Podcast: Getting Down with Climate Change